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Each tooth needs an adequate zone of non-moveable (attached) gingiva on the outside of the tooth to allow proper chewing and brushing. Gingival recession frequently occurs when the tooth is positioned closer to the cheek than in an ideal situation. Gingival recession can be worsened by use of an abrasive toothpaste and/or a hard toothbrush in conjunction with ineffective technique.

Various surgical procedures can be done to regain an adequate zone of non-moveable (attached) gingiva on the outside of each tooth. Gingival graft and connective tissue graft procedures utilize tissue taken from the patient's palate and placed in the area of gingival recession to create an adequate zone of non-moveable soft tissue (attached gingiva). Use of a CO2 laser on the palatal donor site reduces the palatal discomfort, swelling, and bleeding. These procedures are the only procedures done in our office where a small periodontal dressing is placed to prevent movement of the gingival graft or connective tissue graft. We use resorbable (5-0) chromic gut sutures for these procedures so that the patient will not have to undergo the discomfort of suture removal.

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